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Here's what I'm currently up to

Health & Fitness

I can't emphasize enough the importance of maintaining good health. It has been five years since my last workout and conscious effort to consume healthy foods, and I can already feel a significant difference in my body.

In 2023, my commitment lies in a year of dedicated workouts with my fitness coach, Matt. Working with Matt has been a pleasant surprise, surpassing my initial expectations. I have already witnessed substantial improvements in my body compared to when I attempted to achieve fitness goals on my own. Although I had previous experience with exercise during my college days, the excessive workload and studying of the past few years left me with little time to prioritize my physical well-being. As I progress towards my fitness goals, I am actively considering how to align these goals with a fitness-oriented lifestyle, aiming for sustainability and enjoyment.

In addition to my gym workouts, I have incorporated sports as active rest into my routine. I am fortunate that my housemates share my love for badminton, and my fitness coach also doubles as my Muay Thai training partner. This newfound inclusion of sports in my life has been nothing short of life-changing, and I cannot overstate how much better my body feels. I am becoming addicted to this holistic and active lifestyle.

Build & Ship

At present, my primary focus is on shipping two applications: and My intention is not to monetize these applications but rather to improve my development skills and acquire knowledge in new technologies such as NextJS, TypeScript, Artificial Intelligence, and E2E testing.

Once I complete these initial projects, I have plans to develop a couple of additional applications that may evolve into indie projects, potentially generating extra income. While I am unable to disclose specific details at this moment, I assure you that I will share more information in the coming months.

However, it has become increasingly challenging to ship these apps due to my heavy workload with various work and freelance commitments.


Currently, I am delving into two technologies:

  1. Blender

    Although I only have limited experience with Blender, having previously created simple 3D objects for a college game, I initially lacked genuine interest in it. However, what reignites my curiosity and motivates me to revisit 3D development is the remarkable progress Blender has made in recent years. Countless awe-inspiring projects, spanning movies to games, have been created using Blender. Moreover, with Apple's recent announcement of the Vision Pro Headset, I am certain that 3D will become an essential component for developers.

  2. Tech Stack for the Future and becoming a Part-Time Indie Hacker

    While I am confident in my software development skills, having a mentor will undoubtedly expedite and enhance my learning process. With my current work and university commitments, I simply do not have the luxury of time to figure things out on my own. Hence, I have asked the guidance of Riccardo, who will focus on teaching me the core tech stack I aspire to master, including TypeScript, NextJS, AWS CDK, and Databases. Simultaneously, I intend to apply the newfound knowledge to develop a new indie project once I finish shipping the aforementioned apps mentioned in the Build & Ship section 😅.